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Jesse Sprague

Sci-fi/Fantasy Author

My Works

Thank you for your interest in my writing. All my current works are available on Amazon as well as Audible. If you want to get 4 of my books for free join my Readers Group.

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Aspect Wars

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Haunted by a tragic loss, one woman defies the laws of magic. But will the cost of freedom claim her last breath?

Flynt is devastated by her husband’s untimely demise on a space station hub. Not only is she drowning in grief for a man she truly loved, he was the only one protecting her from the fate that killed her mother. Vowing to avoid the twisted law that her race must become breeders, Flynt’s heartbreak awakens her high-stakes ability to manipulate death.

The Drambish Contaminate


They exterminated her species… that was their first mistake. The second was keeping the Spider Queen alive.

As the last female of her kind, Silvia knows that her freedom could bring the resurgence of her race. Her captivity ensures extinction. To her the answer is clear. Freedom at any cost. Loose in the universe, her kiss will spread genetic contamination—altering her victims into her spider brethren. Humanity's best interests are served if that never happens.

Deprivation: A standalone novel in the Drambish Contaminate Universe.

Raised amidst the technology hating upper class on the planet of Yahal, Claudia dreads the dull future lined up for her as a sheltered wife, hidden away from the universe. The only joy she finds is in stolen indulgences—passion, secrets, and games played in the safe shadows of the night. But when her forbidden indulgences in flesh and freedom are discovered, she finds herself abducted and stranded with nothing but her wits for defense.

Beneath 5th City Chronicles

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Earth’s invaders gave her a choice…Submit or die.

Jaisa has never been the obedient type.

The aliens call themselves gods and inform Earth’s survivors that they are creating a utopia. Jaisa knows that no utopia can be built on billions of human deaths. A little obedience is a small, and temporary, price to stay alive while she figures out how she can make a difference.

Forgotten Path of the Elors

Rose of the Deadlands.jpg

As a seer, Saiette knows about destiny.

She wants to know about life.

For nineteen years, Saiette’s parents have hidden her between the borders of Birdwyn and Felinia from the powerful people who would imprison her for her powers. Her only chance at freedom is to find an even more powerful protector. So she’s put life and love on hold, waiting for the idyllic future she foretold.

60 Min Read Anthologies

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Lauras Smile.jpg

Embark on a journey into the chilling realms of these 60-minute horror reads. 


"Love in the Wreckage" explores love's resilience amid celestial threats, aliens, and futuristic tech. "Dead List" unveils twisted Christmas tales, blurring the lines between festive joy and horror. In "Laura's Smile," encounter six bite-sized Halloween horrors, from contemplative crimes to eerie consequences of meddling with life and death.

Other Published Works



Hi. My name is Jesse and I’m a compulsive writer.

I can’t help it. I write prolifically. I write because I must! And luckily for you, my dear reader, the stories never stop.

What do I write?

I write fantasy because the world we live in can feel like a trap. I write sci-fi because I like to toy with worlds, universes, and cultures. I like to play god. I write horror as a kind of decadence. I mean, who doesn’t like writing that bleeds?

Regardless of what type of speculative fiction I write, you can expect that it will be dark. Whether my inspiration comes from a shiver crawling up my spine while darting across a dark parking lot, a fascination with Gothic heroines and their delightful kidnappability, or a desire to build a world to suit a spiffy MMO character, that dark undercurrent of fear makes me feel alive.

So, if you enjoy science fiction and fantasy with an eye to horror, join my readers group. I’d love to have you along for special sneak-peeks, cover reveals, free stories, and more! Just to show how special you are to me, I’ll start you off with an exclusive short story!


I’m a proud mother, wife, and gamer who lives in the gloomy greater Seattle area enjoying the beautiful mountain ranges, lakes, forests to the backdrop of cloudy skies.

I’m also a member of the Pacific Northwest Writers Association and the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.

You can find me at:  Amazon Audible |  Facebook |  Instagram | Email | Goodreads

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